What is GAGED ?

Hamilton is at a critical crossroads. The role of art and culture in the city’s economic development plans and the corresponding “revitalization” of the urban core have produced new sets of challenges for the city and its residents.  The Gathering on Art, Gentrification, and Economic Development (GAGED) in partnership with The Socrates Project seeks to address the many consequences of Hamilton’s gentrification and economic development, and the role of the arts in those processes.

This event will be a collaborative public forum on art, gentrification and economic development in Hamilton, and an opportunity for people to come together and discuss their subjective experiences of this unfolding process.

Planned contributions include panels/workshops from the Disability Justice Network of Ontario (DJNO), the Coalition of Black and Racialized Artists (COBRA), the Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network (TSN), those working in frontline social services and housing, and folks who are discussing LGBTQ2S+ concerns regarding gentrification.

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Where is GAGED ?

GAGED will be taking place at The Spice Factory on November 9th & 10th.

121 Hughson St N, Hamilton, ON.

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What We Do 


Bringing together voices, activism, and other pre-existing work into a larger, more inclusive conversation.


Beyond the two-day forum: Bringing together information and resources across participants. Creating a year-long working group. Compiling actionable items, policy suggestions, and calls for research.


Serving community members and groups through active consulting.

Get Involved 

GAGED is open to all who would like to participate, including but not limited to residents, arts community members, academics, activists, and city employees.

Send proposals, questions, and ideas to GAGEDhamilton@gmail.com.

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